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Reach Within is probably our most simple song with it’s plaintive piano backdrop. It may sound melancholy but the message is actually one of hope. It’s sad that we should need to overcome obstacles of prejudice and judgement in our lives, but that’s the world we live in. “I’ll Reach For You, You Reach Within” is about being able to overcome those obstacles through the strength and love of another.

On a trip to my hometown of Bury St Edmunds in England last year we filmed a bunch of clips in and around the area I grew up. The video includes footage from the Abbey Gardens, St Edmundsbury Cathedral, St Marys Church and Thetford Forest. It’s a beautiful place steeped in history. I worked in The Cathedral for a time as page-turner for the Cathedral Organist. It was also the first place I played piano in front of an audience at the age of 13.

The video was shot in it’s entirety on an iphone 6 with no other equipment but a very simple gimble. Every part of the process was undertaken by ourselves, from the writing and recording of the song to the production of the video. The only thing we didn’t do ourselves was the mixing and mastering, so we’re very proud of the outcome. We hope to go on to create many videos for the plethora of songs we have in production but it’s doubtful any of them will hold as much personal meaning as this video has for me.

We hope you enjoy it!